You Have the Talent, the Skills and the Ideas to Be a Best-Selling Author …

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Let Us Provide the Know-How and Strategies to Make YOU a Best-Selling Author

NEWS ALERT: The publishing industry has changed …

Unless you already are a proven bet-selling celebrity author, the big publishing houses and literary agents want nothing to do with you …

New authors today are left to their own devices to get their books published …

Publishing has always been “dog eat dog”, but now it’s “sink or swim” as well!

Self-Publishing Is the Key to Achieving Superstar Author Status

Yet there is still plenty of money to be made in publishing. Hundreds of successful writers are earning millions through self-publishing.

When you self-publish your own books on Amazon’s Kindle, Print, SmashWords and other popular eReader sites, not only can you connect with a rabid fan base … but you can earn even more money than you would under the traditional publishing model.

For example, Kindle lets you keep up to 70 cents for every $1 your book makes! Compare that to the few pennies you would earn per book under a traditional publishing contract … if you could even get one!

The problem is that self-publishing requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

And if you’ve never published your own book online before …

You could spend months or even years before you get your first book up online …

And there’s no guarantee your book will sell … especially if you know next to NOTHING about online marketing.

That’s where we come in!

Who We Are

Swell Press is run by a husband and wife team who together are responsible for more than 25,000 books and who have achieved more than 500,000 visits per month for our clients.

See for yourself!

After years of struggling to learn the intricacies of self-publishing on our own – and spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours -- we have finally unlocked the secrets to developing, marketing and popularizing digital books.

We’ve worked with dozens of published authors, as well as self-publishing our own series of highly successful (and profitable!) books on Kindle and elsewhere …

Now we are finally opening up our doors to talented new writers … just like you!

Here’s just one of the hundreds of successful books we’ve helped produce and promote:

What We Do

Simply put, we not only make you a best-selling author … but a publishing superstar!

We take you through the entire process of getting your first book published online … from the formatting to the cover design to the marketing of the finished product … so you can be certain that your book is not only getting maximum exposure, but top sales as well!

In other words, we help you be the superstar author you already know you can be.

Professional cover design and formatting

Professional interior layout design and formatting

Finished book in 3 file formats for Kindle, Print On Demand w/Amazon &SmashWords (that reaches Barnes & Noble, iBooks and more)

Step-by-step guide for submitting your book

Marketing tutorials to help you market your book


Additional services offered for additional fees include professional editing, author/book website design, Facebook Fan Page designs & paid marketing campaigns.

All you need to provide is the idea, the talent, and the finished book (and we can even help you with that!).

What You Get

This is no vanity press or cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all operation.

Our business model and marketing program will be personalized to fit your specific content and subject matter.

Simply put: We have a proven business model that we want to put to work for your self-published book.

Let’s be honest: You’re already a great writer, but if you had the skills and experience to successfully self-publish your books on your own … you wouldn’t be here in the first place!

We provide a valuable service to our clients: Making them a highly successful and wildly popular published author.

That’s something that millions of people would kill to have … but that YOU are actually going to achieve!

We show you how to make money self-publishing your books …

And take you by the hand and walk you through the process of publishing your first book and getting it to the top of the best seller’s list …

So you can repeat the process on your own again and again and again! Plus, unlike traditional publishing houses, we won’t take a penny of your royalties … so you get to keep all the revenue from your sales on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, SmashWords, Print and all of the other biggest online marketplaces!

You pay a one-time fee. All of your publishing royalties are yours to keep for LIFE!

A Unique Opportunity Achieve Your Publishing Dreams!

When you join the Swell Press team of successful authors, here’s what you get:

A book that is designed by a professional team helping you --the writer -- be perceived as a professionally published author, not self-published.

Print design elements that create a feeling of elegance and sophistication

Nearly infinite reach across every major eBook and print book platform connecting your book to billions of potential customers

A guiding light from helpful and passionate support representatives who love helping self-published authors out-rank their major published competitors.

* Book launch announcements that are guaranteed to reach 200 major media outlets including Google News and many more.

Marketing coaching and done-for-you services from professional marketers who have built platforms that attract hundreds of thousands of interested and targeted visitors per month and can help you create a profitable author’s platform, too.

Editing services to help your copy read professionally and further reinforcing your status as a professional author, instead of a do-it-yourselfer with poor grammar or typos.

Education to help you understand what it takes to become a full time self-published author and trainings to help you get started in this direction.

* And much, much more!

Now you can be the highly successful, best-selling author you deserve to be, just like these actual clients:

Imagine the look on the faces of your family and friends when you announced the publication of your first book

Enjoy the respect and admiration of being a best-selling author

Begin a new, exciting career as a professional writer and recognized expert

Earn a steady, substantial income from the royalties of your best-selling books … for the rest of your life!

* Finally realize your dream of being a famous writer

And it’s all LITERALLY right at your fingertips right now …

YES! I Want to Be Swell Press’s Next Best-Selling Author!

As soon as you accept this invitation, you immediately will be taken to our website where you can upload your manuscript, your cover ideas, and your personal information so our team of self-publishing and marketing experts can get to work developing your first book!

Here’s how confident we are about Swell Press’s ability to get your book to the top of the best seller’s list:

“We guarantee that our team of publishing and marketing experts will work with you until your book is published in Kindle, CreateSpaceSmashWords and any other platform you want … that your book will be available both in print and digitally … and that our team of experts will not stop working with you until your book is live in each of these online marketplaces … or your money back!”

It’s that simple! We can make such an astonishing promise to you because we already have a proven track record of helping self-published authors achieve their dreams.

And we want to help you, too!

‘So, What Is All This Going to Cost Me?’

If you were to try to collect all of the experience and expertise you need to replicate the services we provide, it would likely cost you tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of work.

And you would still NEVER be able to achieve the results our team of highly-skilled self-publishing experts and professional marketers can put to work for your book.

Ours is a comprehensive service that is guaranteed to achieve the results you want …

Plus, we work hand-in-hand with you, teaching you everything you need to know to replicate this process over and over and over again!

That means you can have not just one, not two, but multiple best-selling books simultaneously for as long as you like!

And, unlike the traditional publishing model, you don’t have to pay any literary agents, managers, lawyers, accountants … or ever give a penny to some multi-national publishing conglomerate.

You get to keep 100% of the royalties paid to you by Amazon’s Kindle, SmashWords, Barnes & Noble and everywhere else your book is sold … for life!

All for a one-time only fee of just …

That may seem like a lot, but in reality it’s just a drop in the bucket compared with the lifetime royalties you can earn from not just the first book we develop for you … but every other best-selling book you self-publish from now on!

YES! I Want to Be Swell Press’s Next Best-Selling Author!

As soon as you accept this invitation, you immediately will be taken to our website where you can upload your manuscript, your cover ideas, and your personal information so our team of self-publishing and marketing experts can get to work developing your first book!

If you’re tired of fantasizing about your dream of being a best-selling author and are finally ready to live it, now’s the time to act!

But The Clock Is Ticking …

The Swell Press team publishes a maximum of two books per month. That’s because we devote all of our resources to making our author’s books successful.

This kind of personalized service ensures that you will never get lost in the shuffle the way you would at other publishing services.

To Swell Publishing, you’re not just another product on the shelf to be sold like a box of cornflakes … you’re a valued and important member of our team.

So we are highly selective about the people we invite to join our self-publishing collective …

And we choose you!

Click on the button above RIGHT NOW to cut to the front of the line. Our experienced team of self-publishing professionals and marketing experts are standing by ready to go to work on your book TODAY.

So what are you waiting for?!

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YES! I Want to Be Swell Press’s Next Best-Selling Author!

As soon as you accept this invitation, you immediately will be taken to our website where you can upload your manuscript, your cover ideas, and your personal information so our team of self-publishing and marketing experts can get to work developing your first book!