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Swell Press is an all-inclusive marketing and publishing company that focuses on digital and print publishing, as well as platform building through WordPress, Social Media, and Email Marketing.

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A passion for creating books

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to aspiring authors helping them bring their manuscript to reality.

Outlining & Ideation

A great book starts with a big idea and a unique hook. We can help build your book’s big idea!

Continuous Support

From idea to published book you have dozens of steps you’ll need to take. We’re here to help!

Copy Editing & Proofreading

The biggest mistake self published authors make is not enlisting professional editors!

Book Covers & Catchy Titles

Everyone knows people judge books by their covers! Don’t rely on boring cover templates

Project Management

With over 12 books published and ocer 100,000 copies sold, we can keep your project on track.

Sales & Marketing

Achieving best seller status on Amazon is not something you want to leave to chance!

We Help Independent Authors Become Best Sellers

Best Selling Author Miles Beckler

  • Multiple Time Best Seller
  • 3 books in the top 10 of target categories
  • Generates thousands of new leads per year

Media Beyond The Book

Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards

  • Card decks are more popular than ever
  • Generate additional sales beyond books
  • From design to printing & fulfillment

“Bring Your Idea Into Reality!”

Get Help On Your Publishing Journey